Brand: COMET

Product Code: RS-840

Availability: In Stock

Price: AED190.00

Heavy-duty lip mounts, up to 80″ antenna.

The strongest of all Comet lip mounts, the RS-840 has a support tab that crosses over the gap between the trunk/door edges to give it additional strength. The surface across the gap should be flush with the mounting surface for this tab to rest upon.

Footprint: 3.75″ x 1.1″

After adjusting the mount so the antenna is vertical, a thru-bolt tightens and clamps the mount

in position preventing slippage or movement.

Soft rubber gasket protects the vehicle paint. Four large set screws hold the mount on place.

Add any of our coax cable assemblies to complete the mount/coax combination.

The HD-5M model is the combination of the RS-840 bracket and CK-3M5 deluxe coax cable assembly.

This bracket has been used with large Comet antennas and the YAESU ATAS-120 with great results.

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